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Customer Experience and service Quality evaluation
  • Call Quality evaluation
  • Customer service evaluation through observation
  • Customer experience evaluation through interactions and internal processes analysis.
  • Mystery calls
What is?
 Service description
Call Quality evaluation
The no.1 challenge for call center managers is time management: so much priorities to handle and not enough time. 
Are your managers tired of not having enough time to evaluate, coach and train their CSR agents?
If the answer is "YES" then your organization can benefit from the Group Impress Plus Inc. Call Quality Evaluation service.
We evaluates calls taken by your CSR agents based on specific and measurable Call Evaluation parameters that you have identified.
Objective call evaluation
Increase productivity for both the manager and the representative.
More time to focus on planning and coaching
  Knowing precisely if your agents are promoting company products and/or services.
  Accurately identify employee performance (strengths and improvement areas)
  Unbiased call evaluations between employees
  Eliminating customer discrimination
  Scheduled customized individual and group reporting

Customer service evaluation through observation
We observe all live, in person interactions with your customers or potential customers: we listen to conversation and observe the non verbal communication of your company representatives.
  Knowing precisely if your employee are representing positively the company.
  Accurately identify employee performance (strengths and improvement areas)
  Unbiased  evaluations of employees
  Increase customer satisfaction
Customer experience evaluation through interactions and internal processes analysis
We analyze your environment with a customer's eyes through every transaction and interaction the customer has with your company. We analyze the impact of your processes on your internal and external customer.  We then make our recommendation to maximize efficiency, cost reduction and of course high customer satisfaction.  
User friendly processes
  word of mouth
  Cost reduction
  Increase customer satisfaction
  Increase employee satisfaction
  Increase employee retention
  Increase customer retention
  Know exactly what is working and what to adjust
Mystery Calls
Mystery Calls are staged customer calls to your customer service representatives with scenarios customized by you.
This will help you accurately evaluate their product and service knowledge, their professionalism, their customer service skills, their application of procedures, and any other criteria identified by you. 

      Achieve 100% evaluation equality; eliminate misdiagnosed calls.

      Know if your agents are giving consistent, impressive Customer Service.

      Identify Customer Service issues before they reach your customers.
      Identify and prioritize training focuses.
      Post training evaluation to identify training effectiveness and assimilation of new information.
      Elimination of random call monitoring by management.