Group Impress Plus Inc.
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IMPRESS to success
Group Impress Plus Inc. is a company that offers services to increase the customer experience and service quality, the efficiency and as a result the positive image of companies.
Our Turnkey solutions include: Customer experience and service quality evaluation, process evaluation, Impressive customer service and customer experience training, mystery calling.
Our goal for your organization is to increase your performance and your bottom line profitability by increasing the quality of the customer service and experience, the operational efficiency, the employee retention rate and promotion rate and the positive word of mouth.
Our Customer experience and service quality evaluation is a continuous evaluation of the quality of the customer service that your representatives are offering through the listening of prerecorded calls, observation and analyzing of interactions that have a direct impact on the customer.  This will help you "accurately" evaluate their product and service knowledge, their professionalism, their Customer Service skills, their application of procedures, and any other criteria identified by you.
Our training services are based on the concept of managing expectation and the "why" of things instead of only identifying the "to do's".  This will lead to IMPRESSive customer service!
Our consulting services focus on the quality of your human interactions in your company.  We evaluate you processes and procedures and their impact on your internal or external customers.

Our mission consist in raising the bar for customer experienceWe want to promote the recognition of impressive customer service as the number one priority for all companies searching for long term success.
One of our objectives is to become the market leaders as the The reference when it comes to client relations.
We want to educate individuals as a whole to understand the importance of outstanding Customer Service and helping them deliver impressive Customer Service in all areas of their lives.
Group IMPRESS Plus will be synonymous of performance, progress and success at work in any industry.
The following statements are the foundation of our organization:

  • We value encouraging the individual to recognize and achieve his/her maximum potential.
  • We are driven by educating about the benefits of recognizing the importance of outstanding Customer Service resulting in the success and growth of your Company
  • Our clients are the reason we exist. We will build long-standing relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • We will listen to our Customers' needs and constantly outperform their requirements.
  • We set the standard for Customer Service excellence.
  • We are driven by our passion to help and to promote positive human relations: to make our society a customer-oriented society.